BC 1000 & TANITA FIT Software

A complete body monitor package

The BC-1000 Body Composition Monitor uses advanced wireless technology (ANT+) to transfer your body composition data to remote devices such as your PC, a Garmin Fitness Watch or the Tanita Desk Top Display (D1000) within seconds of you stepping onto the platform. The BC-1000 has a higher weight capacity of 200kg and wide platform size and can store readings for up to four users. The BC-1000 can be paired with selected Garmin Fitness Devices including FR60-LTD, FR70, 310XT, Forerunner 210,310,610, 910, 910XT, Edge 510, 800,810. Weight, body fat and body water readings are wirelessly displayed on the watch or device, while all nine measurements are stored in the watch. When in range of a user’s computer, the information can be automatically transmitted to the computer via an ANT+ USB Stick and captured by Garmin Connect. The BC-1000 can also transfer data directly to TANITA Software which automatically stores data measurements, performs trend analysis and highlights progress for up to eight users. All the data can be printed on an easy-to-read Assessment Sheet. When more detailed analysis is required or more than eight users’ data needs to be stored TANITA FIT Software can be used. Available in black or white. The ANT stick is NOT included in the package of the BC-1000 and has to be purchased separately. TANITA FIT software is specifically designed for use with the BC-1000 Wireless Body Composition Monitor. The software can be used to chart progress and trends in composition measurements over time and includes the facility to produce professional reports and printouts. TANITA Fit is an essential tool for use in the healthcare, weight management and sports and leisure sectors. Client information can be stored with analysis data to give personal trainers, healthcare professionals and serious athletes accurate, in-depth information to help them devise tailored training, fitness and weight-loss programmers. An unlimited number of client records can be stored, tracked and exported using the TANITA Fit software. System requirements: Windows XP - Vista / Windows 7 - 8 - 10 / Monitor min. 1024 x 768 x 24 Bit. Do note the BC-1000 / TANITA software / ANT+ are not compatible with Apple devices. The bundle includes a BC-1000 & GMON Fit Pro Software

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