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The innovative Tanita BC-601 incorporates the latest segmental technology to analyse the body in five segments: the arms, legs and core abdominal area, providing you with in-depth information on body fat and muscle mass percentages. Segmental body composition analysis is ideal for enhancing sports performance as it allows you to identify any physiological and bio mechanical imbalances and tailor your regime to improve fat and muscle mass distribution. Results are shown on an extra-large LCD color display and the handset features a retractable cord ensuring it fits snugly into the main unit. Body composition data for up to four users is automatically stored on the SD card (included) and can be downloaded onto a computer where it can be viewed and managed. For a more in-depth analysis of your data including extended graphs, the BC-601 can also be used with Tanita Consumer software.

In this bundle the Tanita Consumer software is included. Tanita Consumer Software is designed for use with the BC-1000 Wireless Body Composition Monitor, BC-601 through SD card. All the other Body Composition products in the range data can be entered manually in Tanita Consumer. The software can be used to chart progress and trends in composition measurements over time and includes the facility to produce professional reports and printouts. Information can be stored with analysis data.

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