Wireless Body Composition Monitor with ANT stick and Gmon consumer software

The BC-1000 Body Composition Monitor uses wireless technology (ANT+) to transfer your body composition data to remote devices such as your PC, a Garmin Fitness Watch or the Tanita Desk Top Display (D1000) within seconds of you stepping onto the platform. The BC-1000 has a weight capacity of 200kg and a wide platform size When in range of a user’s computer, the information can be automatically transmitted to the computer via an ANT+ USB Stick and captured by Garmin Connect. The BC-1000 can also transfer data directly to GMON Software which automatically stores data measurements, performs trend analysis and highlights progress All the data can be printed on an easy-to-read Assessment Sheet. GMON consumer Software can be used for maximum 8 users . Do note the BC-1000 / Gmon software / ANT+ are not compatible with Apple devices. Available in black or white.

* Pflichtfelder

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