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    The SC-240 MA is the lightest medically approved body composition monitor on the market, weighing just 4.7kg. It has been developed with input from healthcare, fitness and weight management professionals and its portability makes it ideal for mobile consultations, community work or field research studies. When used with TANITA PRO Software, the SC-240 can be automatically set-up for personalised patient studies, capturing measurements and trend results in a variety of reporting formats.

    TANITA PRO Software is designed to be used with all Tanita products in the Professional range and is an essential tool to chart progress of a client’s body composition measurements, highlight medical health risks and input additional health parameters. All data can be output to professional reports and printouts making it the ideal tool for the healthcare, weight management and sports and leisure sectors. Client information together with analysis data can be stored to give personal trainers, scientific researchers, healthcare professionals and athletes accurate, in-depth information to help devise tailored training. Delivered with a set of cables according to the device used.
    System requirements: Windows XP - Vista / Windows 7 - 8 - 10 / Monitor min. 1024 x 768 x 24 Bit.


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    This is a high-capacity product and supports weights up to 200 kg.

    Measures everything you want it to

    And possibly a little more

    Measure Weight

    Body Mass Index

    Fat Percentage

    Visceral Fat

    Muscle Mass

    Muscle quality

    Muscle score

    Bone Mineral Mass

    Basal Metabolic Rate

    Metabolic Age

    Total Body Water Percentage