3M Measure Monitor Motivate

A powerful way to keep your clients motivated!

The recent lock-down due to the Covid-19 pandemic has seen a further rise in sedentary behaviour and unhealthy eating habits, even in individuals who would normally be more fitness oriented. The result? A decrease in muscle mass, combined with an increase in fat mass; creating a dual increased risk of developing associated health problems. The pandemic has also increased awareness about the importance of holistic health. With increased publicity and national campaigns to improve health, people are motivated to make changes. But how do we keep people motivated to make lifestyle changes, with the winterknocking on our door, and a second Covid wave looming? With Tanita 3M!

Measure - Personalised and bespoke interventions based on measurements beyond weight and BMI, such as body fat, muscle mass, visceral fat, total body water and metabolic age, using BIA. 

Monitor - Increase adherence and improve the chance of your patients/ clients success through regular progress monitoring with our Tanita Pro software. 

Motivate - Get clients/patients excited to change with measurements such as Metabolic age, unique to Tanita. Metabolic age is the only age that truly is reversible. Build muscle mass, decrease fat mass and celebrate another year younger! No-one can resist that challenge. 

Interested what Tanita 3M can do for you?